‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Update: Viral Nashville Woman Collaborates With Another Celebrity

‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Update: Viral Nashville Woman Collaborates With Another Celebrity
‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Update: Viral Nashville Woman Collaborates With Another Celebrity

Hailey Welch, the Nashville woman who became an internet sensation last month thanks to her X-rated street interview, has made another cameo appearance alongside a celebrity.

Welch Meets NBA Legend at Bon Jovi Location

Better known to the world as “hawk tuah girl”, Welch was photographed partying with basketball legend-turned-DJ Shaquille O’Neal on Sundaywho was in Nashville to perform a music set at JBJ’s Nashville, a bar and restaurant owned by rock great Jon Bon Jovi.

Welch was seen joining O’Neal on the decks, where the four-time NBA champion held up his microphone so she could repeat her viral phrase “hawk tuah”much to the delight of the partygoers.

“Guess who I found in Nashville…”

Shaq and Welch “had a chat at the restaurant and posed for some photos,” TMZ revealed, adding: “The two were clearly big fans of each other”. Later, the former NBA MVP – who is also a leading basketball pundit – shared photos of himself with “hawk tuah girl” on social media, writing, “Guess who I found in Nashville…”

“Hawk Tuah Girl” Makes a Cameo with Zach Bryan

Welch’s meeting with O’Neal came a day after she was invited on stage at country singer Zach Bryan’s concert in NashvilleVideos shared by social media users showed Welch sitting behind the microphone with Bryan at Nissan Stadium for a performance of his song “Revival.”

Who is “hawk tuah girl”?

Welch went viral after appearing in a series of interviews conducted on the streets of Nashville by content creators Tim and Dee TV. When asked to name “one move in bed that drives a man crazy every time,” she responded: “Oh, you gotta say a ‘hawk tuah’ to it and spit on that thing, you know?

While saying “hawk tuah” she illustrated the meaning of the onomatopoeia by imitating the act of collecting saliva and spitting it out.

Welch’s Viral Phrase has been the inspiration for a whole series internet memeshas spawned remix tracks and is mentioned in in-game celebrations of sports stars.

Watch – The full interview with “hawk tuah”:

Welch makes money from ‘hawk tuah’ merchandise

In an attempt to capitalize on her sudden fame, she has reportedly signed a merchandising deal with Tennessee company Fathead Threadswhich appears to be selling a range of items – including hats and T-shirts – with the words “hawk tuah” on them.

Fathead Threads owner Jason Poteete told Rolling Stone magazine last week that About 2,000 ‘hawk tuah’ hats had already been sold, raising approximately $65,000.