Chevrolet Gets Groovy With Collaboration With Arab Musician Brand

Chevrolet Gets Groovy With Collaboration With Arab Musician Brand
Chevrolet Gets Groovy With Collaboration With Arab Musician Brand

A still from the single ‘Albe Blue’ by musician Nurzy

The Middle Eastern branch of world-famous car brand Chevrolet has collaborated with Dubai-based musician Nurzy to launch her debut single.

The collaboration is the result of a partnership between the brand and Female Talent Agency, a female-led creative agency specializing in music and brand collaborations.

According to the agency, the aim of the partnership is to support emerging Arab talent while highlighting Chevrolet’s long history in the music and culture scene.

With a background in audiology, Nurzy is known for her unique voice and sensational performances. She is making her way into Arabic pop with a mission to create awareness about hearing protection in the music industry through her music and hopes to become a rising star in the local music scene.

“I moved to Dubai in 2021 with a heart full of dreams, ready to take my music career to the next level,” said Nurzy.

“I wanted a Chevy because I lost count of the number of songs I heard with the brand; it was like the universe was telling me this was the brand for me,” said Nurzy, whose desire for the car helped her overcome her fear of driving and get her driver’s license.

The single is a heartfelt tribute to the memories and freedom she felt with her beloved Chevrolet Groove, making the small SUV a fitting focal point for this collaboration.

Blue model Groove also shared the spotlight in her music video, which Chevrolet amplified on social channels to draw attention to the talented Arab artist.

“My blue Groove has helped me through the hard times and good times in my career in Dubai, so when I was thinking about which brand to collaborate with for my debut single, Chevrolet was a no-brainer.”

Chevrolet said its connection to music around the world is rooted in the brand’s history. Iconic songs and memorable moments in popular culture often feature Chevrolet vehicles or reference iconic models such as the Corvette, Camaro, Impala, Chevy Trucks and many more.

From classic hits to contemporary songs, the brand strives to position itself as a symbol of freedom and adventure, inspiring countless artists and music lovers.

This collaboration with Nurzy is a new chapter in Chevrolet’s commitment to the talent and music culture in the region.