Real arrest photo of Amy Winehouse?

Real arrest photo of Amy Winehouse?
Real arrest photo of Amy Winehouse?


A black-and-white image shared online in June 2024 was a real police mugshot of singer Amy Winehouse.



On June 24, 2024, an X-thread featuring supposedly “the most iconic celebrity arrest photos” featured an image of Amy Winehouse. At the time of writing, the post featuring the late pop singer’s arrest photo had reportedly amassed over 474,000 views and 4,100 likes.

(X user @pop_archives)

The photo was also shared on Pinterest and featured on posters sold through online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

Because the image was not an authentic arrest photo of Amy Winehouse and the photo of the singer had been doctored to look like an arrest photo, we have rated this claim as “fake.”

TinEye’s reverse image search results revealed that the fake mugshot was likely created using a real photo of Winehouse.


A comparison of the mugshot with an authentic photo of Winehouse revealed that the latter, shown at right, had been manipulated to create the fake mugshot, seen at left.

(X user @pop_archives, Mischa Richter,

The original photo was taken by Mischa Richter during a photoshoot for Winehouse’s album cover, “Back to Black”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve investigated a viral celebrity mugshot. In April 2024, for example, we looked at viral photos that allegedly showed mug shots of Marilyn Monroe.


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